As soon as water damage appears, you must call experts to report the damage. You will then have to send a statement by mail. Here are the steps and the procedure to follow for contracting with insurance company.

Housing contract

First and foremost, consult your home insurance policy to check whether the damage is covered or not: all risks of flooding or leakage are not necessarily insured by your company. If the risk is covered, here are the steps to be taken to be compensated.

Tip: The following rules apply to compensation by your insurer. But if the flood comes from a leak in your home, you can also apply to your water supplier to reduce the amount of your bill, which will be particularly high. See also water leak and bill: your rights to know the applicable legislation and your means of action.

Deadline for declaration

The written declaration of water damage must be sent to your insurance within 5 working days of the flood or its report. It should be noted, however, that some companies provide for reporting periods longer than 5 days. Some also allow you to declare your claim via a form to be completed online on their website. In any case, it is advisable to consult your insurance contract or to call your insurer by telephone to know the procedure of declaration envisaged. Your letter must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Letter model

Your letter must include your contact information, your insurance contract number, and the description of the loss, a description of the damage suffered as well as the furniture or objects affected. If neighbors are victims of a water damage that has appeared in your home then you must mention it in your letter and specify the contact details of the victims.

Receiving mail

Your insurance will take care of your file upon receipt of the letter. It will first check that your contract covers the damage. The damage related to water can indeed have many causes (leak, storm …) that are not necessarily all covered by the contract.

The insurance may ask for an expert assessment to assess your damage and determine the causes of water damage (outdated boiler, clogged sink, faucet …), hence it is better that you consult with Restoration experts mold removing company for repairing and ask for assessment report from their end.

Expertise of the damage

It is important not to dispose of damaged objects and to keep all the documents that can be used to determine their value (invoices, guarantee certificates, photographs …). Indeed, if the damage is significant, the insurance can request the realization of a damage assessment to assess the amount of damage and determine the reasons that led to the disaster. All supporting documents making it possible to make a total estimate of the damage suffered must therefore be kept.


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