Good management practices today can often be extended to our personal lives.  And we can find that by using good business management techniques we can have more time for ourselves, as well as more effective management of money, food and finances.  All it takes is the use of some of the basic time management techniques that we – or our bosses – use in the office at work every day.  Of course, there’s no need to go to the level of detail businesses and agencies use in project management and administration.  However certain basic rules and procedures can be adapted to help see that you make the best use of your free time each day.


For example, one might allocate a certain amount of time daily for each activity you want to do on a regular basis.  You give yourself 15 minutes each morning for washing up and getting dressed.  Another 30 minutes goes for breakfast – including cooking, eating and cleaning the kitchen.  Then you have a few minutes to read the paper, watch the morning news, or other personal activity.  This is when you might find some good deals or Groupon coupons you can use to purchase items for your pet, like winter supplies or food for the next week.  Then it’s off to work.


After returning home from work you do those evening activities.  Thirty minutes for a physical workout at the gym, or go jogging or walking.  You can combine that workout with the time spent walking the dog before returning to fix your dinner and give the dog his favorite food from PetSmart.  Then you can do some personal finance work before relaxing for the evening.  And then you have a few minutes to do evening chores before going to bed.


If this sounds too regimented keep in mind that you’re just setting aside parameters that allow you to adjust activities as you desire for any particular day.  So one day you might go running when you take the dog out; the next you just stroll leisurely after dinner.  But in both cases, you get your daily evening exercise and walk the dog while enjoying the benefits of time outdoors and keeping fit.  All are part of a regular plan any business would be glad to have posted for its staff.


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